Thursday, July 10, 2014

What's In My Bag- Airplane Edition

On Tuesday im flying to Italy, since my Grandmother lives in Switzerland but right on the Border with Italy, im traveling to Italy quite a lot, actually i was there just a few months ago- but just for 10 days, now im going for a whole month! 

Anyway, its about a 4 hours flight, so i thought i'll show you guys what im taking with me on the flight :D

1. My IPhone - after i made sure its full charged (100%), and after i downloaded all the music i                                        like, and maybe downloaded a little game if i get bored during the flight, i                                                take i with me.
2. Earphones - in continued to the first items, earphones are a must here!
3. Camera - How else am i gonna take quality photos?
3. Gum - because when the airplane lands i need to chew some gum or my ears will really hurt.
4. Sunglasses - When i land it will be sunny outside so i gotta have my sunnies BI
5. Pen - you never know when you'll need to write something!
6. Lipstick - i always take the lipstick that i wear with me, since im gonna eat & drink
                  i'll need to re-apply it.
7. Cardigan - i take with me a light cardigan because it might get chilly on the plane.
8. Wallet - to carry my money of course.
9. Mirror - i like carrying a little mirror with me.
10. Tissues - i never leave without some tissue paper in my bag, its always necessary.

I also like sometimes at the airport to buy a nice magazine to read on the flight :)
Im really exited for the trip, and i cant wait visiting Milan again and more of the beautiful Italy!

{Bag from italy}

Till the next time,